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“Our Commitment: We actively seek to deliver value to our clients by leveraging our ability to develop, embrace, enhance, or evolve their vision while leveraging our experience, knowledge, and network of partners to achieve that vision, and to empower the will to succeed that such vision can inspire!”

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Consulting the Best

Why Our Consulting?

Our team has decades of Payments and FinTech experience:

  • in US and EU markets
  • with companies ranging from 3 – 300,000 employees
  • consulting at government agency, legislative, and central bank levels
  • technology and product introduction
  • partner and market entry strategy

Reach us at sales@conationconsultingllc.com

Global Insights

Financial Technology, Regulations, and Payments have seen huge changes in the past several years along with many players trying to take advantage the opportunities those changes promise. Often, the rush to enter new markets or introduce new products results in debilitating inefficiencies derived from legacy thinking or processes.  Global experience and insights can optimize your operations and drive revenue growth.

We can help!

Reach us at sales@conationconsultingllc.com

Thought Leadership

With the stakes of the game higher than ever, early missteps can be very costly for your business. We can help you plan strategically for both long-term execution of your payments or fintech vision and to have contingency plans in place for a sudden pivot to bypass potential changes in the marketplace.
Having strong relationships in the space means we can tap into a wide range of skills and experience to shape and execute your strategy and arrive safely at your goal.

We can help!

Reach us at sales@conationconsultingllc.com

Our Services

Global business Strategy and Innovation

Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise looking to innovate, it is critical to have clear objectives and the proper structure to achieve them.  People, resources, technologies, methodologies, and many other ingredients are part of the winning formula.  Let us help you achieve your objectives!

Crypto Related Services

With an explosion of blockchain technologies and crypto currency offerings – it is easy to run afoul of regulatory confusion and operational dead ends.  Let us help you find your way through the labrynth!

USA and EU FinTech/ Payments/ Startup Strategies

Payments are becoming ever more embedded in the customer journey rather than a discrete step along the way.  Whether you are launching a payment gateway to accept credit card payments via credit card processing services, opening a merchant account, or looking to provide other merchant services – we have the experience and relationships to get your transactions flowing and keep you focused on what matters most – the customer experience!

USA and EU Business development

Whether you are a Fintech company or Payments company – it is a highly complex and connected ecosystem.  Expanding your business, developing your supply chain, and maximizing your business potential can be much easier with the right relationships.  Let us help you by getting you in touch with partners and customers to grow your revenue and bottom line!

USA Emerging financial service verticals

With the proliferation of Payments and FinTech companies over the past 10 years, products, services, and even legislation have outpaced the regulatory pace in certain areas.  These include crypto currencies, mobile wallets, Cannabis, and other verticals.  We have experience, relationships, and solutions that can help!

USA Issuing, Acquiring, Prepaid design

Far from being a static area – innovation, regulation, and products are rapidly changing in this area with consolidation, entries, and exits happening faster than ever. Tap into our experience, relationships, and services!

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